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Decided to try using 3x5 index cards to get my daily writing work sorted out - logging in time spent writing on specific projects - to keep track of the work I do in front of the computer and in my notebooks. At this point I'll try anything to get more organized. At the moment I have 7 blank index...
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Wow, these cool new post it index cards sure do make my outlines neater! Kind of boring, compared to my old cut and paste method (see a picture of me with one of my old outlines on my gallery page). I have to say, this method is far more manageable! So I'm now ready to begin writing. I know that,...
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Yesterday I opened an email from my editor and learned her response to the synopsis: I have two words for you--Love. It.   Those of you who've followed my synopsis-writing journey know how overjoyed I am to get this news! The book is tentatively titled The Midwife's Confession (thus the picture....