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It was September 2007 and my debut novel, MIDORI BY MOONLIGHT, had just been released. Of course I was excited; to have a novel published by a real publisher, one that would actually be on a shelf in a bookstore, was a dream that had finally come true after many years of perseverance. Friends...
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On Monday, November 3d, three Menlo Park Library book group members and I attended Book Group Night at Keplers independent bookstore in Menlo Park. On hand were five local authors including Persian humorist/memoir writer Firoozeh Dumas (Funny in Farsi and Laughing Without an Accent), Kelly Corrigan...
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Nothing quite says the death of capitalism like the arrival of the Spirit Halloween Superstores. Every Fall, when things are dying, the seasonal retailer possesses the space of recently the recently deceased, giving them a temporary yet tortured afterlife. Not really alive but not quite dead, the...
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I'm full of questions today. I'm on the road promoting 14. I had a great launch party and a separate signing at my local independent, Davis Kidd, where I was shocked to find I only knew 1/3 of the crowd. Progress! And then I left for Colorado. I did a signing at a Barnes & Noble in Lone Tree,...
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The video of my reading in front of the closed down Cody's has just been posted on Fora.TV. Click here to check it out.
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IT WAS A JUXTAPOSITION OF CONTRADICTORY IMAGES. A colorful banner declaring that Cody's Books was "Now Open" hung above the store's awning while a photocopied note on an 8.5x11" piece of paper informing us that the store had closed for good was affixed to the window below with Scotch...
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I'm still going through with my reading on the sidewalk in front of the recently closed Cody's Books in Berkeley tonight. The original reading was scheduled for tonight at 7pm so that's when I'll be there with a beat up, dogeared, and post-it noted to high hell copy of my book Beer, Blood and...
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I had a little bit of a motivational kick in the pants yesterday evening... stopped into Book Endsin Winchester... it's my local, as it were, if we were talking about it in terms of a pub, a pub in which there's a strong focus on children's books. And no alcohol on tap (hey, they banned smoking in...
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Well, you can’t say we didn’t see it coming but it did it have to unravel so quickly? Despite the recent opening of their Shattuck Ave. store, Cody’s, a force in Bay Area book sales for 52 years, has suddenly shut its doors. I got an email from Melissa Mytinger (their author event booker) on Friday...
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I think I'm through with author book signings and readings at bookstores. The idea sounds great, but the reality is somewhere between depressing and horrifying. I've done my share of both, but would much rather speak to a small group which has actually read my book. Unless you're famous or infamous...