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              The scenes are flashing across the globe: the massive police and military reaction against the citizens who’ve dared raise their voices against the Ukrainian Old Guard.  Independence Square in the capital of Kiev has...
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I bicycle. I am not a racer, recreational biker or sports biker, although I do teach indoor cycling at the Y in Oakland. I bicycle to places. As a matter of fact, I believed for many years that I could bike (or grab a train) to anywhere I needed to go, and given the right panniers, backpacks,...
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June 6     Eggshells and Bethlehem   A stable is a place to keep a horse and in fairytales a place to birth a baby, but stable is the story I told myself about you.  Solid, a model of strength and here you are a tripod, upright only if the pressure is evenly applied.  I...
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All life distinguishes “inside” from “outside,” or “self” from “nonself.”  (I call this SkinThink).  This is the fundamental duality of existence.  This dichotomy, this distinction, this bias, this sapience is the software of living.  Life (in order to begin, in order to...
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If I’m to define “independence” in the same way that I think many teens view the term—as a word interchangeable with “adulthood”—I’d have to say that I actually thrust independence on the main characters of both my published YAs. Take Aura, the MC from my debut, A BLUE SO DARK.  Her mother,...
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I looked into your eyes and you held my gaze. I breathed as you breathed. Inseparable, I caressed your head Carefully nuzzled on my chest, Sated and satisfied. I was your everything, your confidante.   I gave, I listened, I taught. You grew, strong and brave, Found your voice, took a step Bold...
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     How great is freedom? How great is choice? We have to love a country where we have both. We have the freedom to buy land, own a house, pets, horses, dogs, cats, and so on. We have the freedom to go out and seek the type of work we want to do and get the education we feel we...
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To My (Grownup) Daughter A broken heart: mine. You’re moving into your own life. It sure beats you staying here. Your orbit… Sometimes you will be moving away from me. I stand here, holding my breath, being afraid you won’t make the turn back toward me… Sometimes you will be moving toward me and I...
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Last September, I met Louis. From our first date, I felt at home with him. Within a few months, we were living together. My cats are now "our" cats. His friends are my friends and vice-versa. For the first time, each of us is involved in a real partnership. It's not just that we split things...
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For those of us who are working writers, no advice has come forth as prescient as Bob Mayer's in this post. I endorse it wholeheartedly. image via freelanceroll.com via writeitforward.wordpress.com