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Tax Cheating: Illegal–But Is It Immoral? is one of the most informative and interesting nonfiction books I’ve read in a long time. From tax fairness, to cheating, to fraud, to evasion, to the complexity of moral and legal dilemmas and much, much more, author Donald Morris, in his clear, well-...
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Cold after the storm.  Rare thunder and lightning in the Bay Area.  Funny, coming from the Midwest, I remember the dynamic, assertive crashes of the the thunder.  Thunder here, once every couple of years, but more lately, is rolling, more like an empty boiler being dumped over....
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Having argued in the last three posts that constructive change is impossible in contemporary America, the Archdruid launches into a quixotic exploration of the constructive changes he'd like to propose.  Check out the method in his madness in the latest post from The Archdruid Report.
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OMG, it's that time of year again, spring thaw, birthdays, and of course, Mr. Taxman; here is my story. Well, it's not actually my story, but that of a loved one whom I will call W*. Six weeks ago, on a bright late winter Monday morning, W decided he would try something new this year, filing our...