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Paradise or Eat Your Face, a trio of novellas by Alan Cheuse, offers three different takes on the fragmentation of modern life: 1) a female travel writer's encounter with strange cultures (Bali in particular); 2) an ungrounded woman's encounter with strange cultures plus illness (the writer/stroke...
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Today was my monthly Lamplighter meeting. No one showed up. I waited twenty minutes and then left, feeling once again, discouraged.  I stopped on the way home and dropped some brochures off at the Alano Club in hopes that someone there needs the help and will show up at our next meeting. I’ve...
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 A few years ago I was married to my third abuser, living part time in a women's shelter, suicidal and filled with despair. Today I'm the happiest person I know. What happened? What did I do? I resolved the problem. Sound simple? It isn't, but then it wasn't easy to get to where I was. It took me...