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4. Santa Claus: Santa Cruz   In December, 1985, recently returned to the U.S. after some years in Canada, a free lance writer in search of a story, I sought and found employment as a Rent-a-Santa Claus.  Imagine walking into the local Community Center and suddenly, at the sight of 400...
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Why Christ was Dead for Three Days Hello my spiritual friend,    I would like to share with you one of those moments; I term “Spiritual Ahas!”  When these come upon me, I cannot withstand what it is that is being revealed. No…no…they are not visions, locutions, nor hearing voices. They are simply...
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Do You Really Love? My Spiritual friend, do you light a lover’s fire for your significant other?  Do the ashes of desire for them remain when the flames begin to abate?  If you were to see a family member whom you have not seen for sometime, although you know they exist, hug and kiss them; speak...