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I have written about this subject before but it is coming to the forefront of my activities once again and because it is such a passionate subject with me, I want to write about it again. The Lamplighter Movement has two chapters in two different women’s prisons, one in California and one in...
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I know I promised no more mailings, but somehow (working without a copy editor) I managed to mangle the title of my own book. Here it is corrected. Sorry if it caused a problem. My nonfiction book Sick Justice: Inside the American Gulag was released June 28 by Potomac Books, an imprint...
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This year Chris Martinez, a laid-off construction worker, finished serving three and a half years in prison for wheeling a rusty bicycle with two flat tires and no chain out of someone else's garage in Manhattan Beach, California -- and then leaving it behind. His case never made the news, but I...
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Dear Readers: I’d love to see you at my upcoming book launches in New York at 6 pm on Thursday, 23 May and Berkeley at 2 pm on Sunday, 2 June.     What comes to mind when I write that someone has used words as blunt instruments? Insults or arguments maybe, the kind of...
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The British Library was among the libraries targeted. Photograph: Martin Argles   'Tome raider' jailed again for stealing antique books Serial book thief William Jacques stole books worth £40,000 from a London library, a court hears Alexandra Topping and agencies A Cambridge graduate who...
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On Friday, September 25, I spent the afternoon in prison – and it really made me rethink the lucky breaks I’ve had in life, and others who were not so lucky. And one thing we just about all have in common is….children. That Friday afternoon, I made the hour drive out to Lockhart State Prison, with...