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Like many writers, I rely heavily on imagination, altered states of awareness, and dreams for inspiration. That’s why I’m very happy to announce that the forthcoming Inaugural Issue of The Rapid Eye (due out sometime in May) will include my poem Persistence Of Vision. It’s a short poem (only 3...
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Back around Thanksgiving, I mentioned that a new online publication had accepted 3 of my poems for its inaugural issue, was likely to publish early this month, and that I would post a link once it was available. It's available.  Curio Poetry is off to a great start, I think.  The first...
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Thumbnail, Issue No.1, summer 2010 is finally a reality.  I'm including a link to MagCloud where you can preview the journal and purchase it.  It's visually beautiful, with diverse and extraordinary content.  I'm proud to be the non-fiction editor.  Michael Dean Anthony is the grand fromage, Dinty...