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Morning! Running late today. Also panicked as I couldn't find some of the pics. Still managed to scrounge a few I don't think I've shared yet. Phew! (Working OT and all the colds running around have impaired fun time) :(   Star Wars The Old Republic Imperial Spy Hoth       My...
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Morning! The week has been utter chaos, but I got a few pics anyway. Huzzah!   Star Wars The Old Republic Imperial Spy Quesh     Cute street signs!     Clump of mushrooms. Safe for eating? No clue.     Another funky Quesh plant     Symbol of the Hutt...
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  Morning, all!   Star Wars The Old Republic Imperial Spy Taris     I'm rather tired of Taris. Lol.     Republic Spaceport on Taris. I'm about to do some damage here. :P     Just realized the Republic tends towards browns while the Empire goes with gray....
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  Morning! Hubbins felt real bad last Sunday so we played at being 'Couch Potatoes'. Not as many pics as usual this week. :P     Star Wars The Old Republic Imperial Spy (I'd been missing her!) Taris     Construction bot. That looks like one nasty laser.   Prisoner of...
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  Life is still getting in the way, so not too many pics this week.   Imperial Spy Taris     The evidence of destruction and ruin - just can't get away from it.     I was smushed in a corner and hit the heal button. Got a real nice clear image of my HUD routine....