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 When I was in recovery, I discovered that our emotional maturity stops growing at the age when our abuse began. I first viewed this with disbelief. After giving it much thought I realized that, although I hated to admit it, my emotional maturity level had been stuck at the age of thirteen,...
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October is a month of birthdays in my piece of world. Mother-in-law, brother-in-law, cousin, aunt, aunt, uncle, Mom & Dad. Mom's birthday is 10/29 and Dad's birthday is 10/30. Mom is in her seventies and surivived cervical cancer, celebrating her second year cancer free in August. I flew home...
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Someone who comments publicly on the private lives of others is usually called a gossip, or, when I was growing up, a "buttinsky".  Is it different when I am invited to do the commenting?  I hope so.  The thing is, in my Ask Isadora advice column I receive requests from the individuals...
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We are all cursed, or maybe blessed, at some time or another with hyper-vigilance, excessive watchfulness, especially to avoid danger.  It might come when we're crossing a busy street, woken out of a sound sleep by a strange noise, or peering out the window as we listen to the radio give reports on...
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May 2     Reguess   When in my sarcasm I suggested that you ‘guess again’, I realized that you were in fact guessing, guessing about everything, guessing in order to create a process of elimination, a tool on which I now recognize you entirely depend.  Guessing as a way of life is a tragedy.  I’m...
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April 13        Neither Frog nor Fish   I was falling and my Higher Power caught me in a net called AA, all of which was a pretty neat trick, but the strangest consequence of this is now I somehow think it shouldn’t be possible for me to drown.  Defying gravity 24 hours at a time doesn’t make me...