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I love bras. Women wearing them. It seems weird, perhaps, when I've spent half my adult life (all of it?) trying to get them off. But the fact is, in many ways I prefer them on, not off. I'll try to explain. But this is a very metaphysical subject with great existential challenges. I see a...
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I've had blog sites in the past, but it's been awhile. Life got in the way, and I became a lapsed blogger. I'm slowly coming back. It's something like regaining your faith, it takes time and effort as well as strengthening your belief that there is someone out there who cares what you have to say....
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Imagine everyone was normal, or, by definition, alert, outward orientated and falcon-eyed. Present governments and corporations would be challenged.  See my blogpost: http://courseofmirrors.wordpress.com/2014/01/21/accessing-altered-states/ 
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    Since the age of five, I have indulged in make-believe; wrapping towels around my head transforming myself into a queen or a maiden or Rapunzel dangling from a castle window. Sheets transmuted into  exotic robes or forts or tents that you could only enter after reciting a secret...
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It is winter here, too. Not colder than Mars, but winter it is. You cannot force it to be as cold as something. Yet, we expect it to be cold, or at least cool, nippy. Sometimes, it gets warm. Is it only me? I don't own the season. It comes and leaves of its own free will, and behaves as it wishes...
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An elderly gentleman is in the news. He's known to one and all, but can cause controversy at times. No, I'm not talking about Dick Cheney! I'm talking about Santa Claus.  Yep, Kris Kringle, St. Nick,  the Man With All the Toys, Fat Man In the Red Suit, I had a nice chat with him. Why...
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I want to tell you about a friend and writer – Malcolm Stewart – Initially a priest, Malcolm’s life sparkles with many roles – poet, singer-songwriter, editor, book jacket designer, cartoonist, BBC and ITV producer, UN project coordinator, NGO relief-aid and refugee organiser, artist,...
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Can a novelist predict events or does he assume by relying on common sense? Tom Clancy's obituary pieces, while paying a tribute to his hugely popular espionage genre, have invariably mentioned his 'predictions'. He had believed so himself when he stated, “I hang my hat on getting as many things...
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Today's post is sponsored by my new friends at Grammarly! Please visit their site to see the "World's Best Grammar Checker". That's really what it is - an online grammar check. All you have to do is drag-and-drop, upload or copy-and-paste your text and let them do the rest! (my...
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Looking at these pictures, they are the ships of summer to me, superb in the port and gone too soon.  The tall ships came to our Duluth harbor for the last weekend of July.  They were going to parade in Thursday at about two in the afternoon.  So I posted my ebay packages downtown at...