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The energy has been swirling for days and Upstairs been busy with the complexity of shifts and energy changes.   Frequently there has been a blurring the lines of realities and this afternoon in the midst of a headache, I closed my eyes and was pulled backwards beyond the couch I was sitting...
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Home presents an illusion of safety. Our glass windows provide privacy and protection, our deadbolts and locks keeping harm out. That's the theory. Our presence in the home, with lights and activities, build the illusion. Illusion is about accepting what you will believe and not questioning it. The...
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PLUS Model Magazine, according to an article by Tamara Abraham for the United Kingdom-based online blog Daily Mail, has sparked controversy. See if you can guess what the controversy is from the accompanying photograph. Then check out my Living in the Heartland blog to find out more. 
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      People who are perpetuating some sort of hoax often give themselves away through their suspicion that other people are doing the same exact thing.  You may be able to identify a person’s con games by identifying their suspicions.   
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“I am going again.” “Returning?” “No.” “Going again means returning.” “It means revisiting. When you return you go with what had been.” “And you are not?” “Yes. I am not.” “So, you have forgotten what had been?” “I have forgotten what never had been.” “If it was not there, then what is there to...
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I wanted to write about what I felt and thought during my time of grief to show the crises I went through. Yet I was uneasy about describing the level of darkness I actually felt, or how I’d lost sight of the truth of who we are, as well as the nature of God. I also wanted to avoid talking about...
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She sees meIn a pool of lightBehind a lensTattoos form on my skinIn tendrils and snakesCurlicues of smokeFrame my faceHot wind blowsSaluting the tulleOf rose pinkThe pearls flyIn all directionsI hear them shatterOn gravel - grey and crumblyMy bare feetWith scarlet nailsScreaming of summerThat...
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locked up in a yellow room, on my own accord, i do everything i like, and everything i hate, so it is a combination of self-appreciation and self-detest. i can carve the word PAIN on my flesh at the same moment when i am thinking i am pleased with my new painting... and when i wake up, be it...