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I saw a video while following another news story. The headline got my attention. Why wouldn't a smart young woman with a 4.0 grade average be able to get into college? The headline was manipulative and so was the plea by the teacher, Clint Smith. That is what the whole video was designed to do. I...
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Sheriff Joe, we need you. Don't you want to feel wanted again? Isn't it time to thrust up those chubby little hands and say, "Peace out, Arizona." Look, you're being sued by the Justice Department for constitutional violations, which, you know, seems like it would be one of those "Oh Shit" moments...
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The article I clipped all those years ago is yellow now, and a little frayed.  The first time I saw its headline was under a streetlamp on a cold fall morning.  I was sixteen years old, carrying my empty, red papergirl canvas bag.  It was still dark as I walked up to the two stacks...
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Human nature says we all love getting something for nothing. No matter if it’s hitting the sweepstakes jackpot, being picked for a job you really weren’t qualified for, scoring a free tank of gas with your next fill up at the local 7-Eleven, or a winning hand in Vegas, it’s in our genes from the...
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"On St. Patrick's Day, a Latino friend whose family has lived in Arizona and California since before 1848, asked me 'What immigration problem?' He leaned far over the cappuccino on the café table between us, shook his head slowly and then looked up at me once more, a smile on his face. 'Are they...
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More than one million people of Mexican origin were unlawfully removed to Mexico during the 1930s across the United States. Approximately 60% were U.S. citizens. Many of those who demonize the undocumented and support harsh nativist legislation instead of immigration reform cloak their arguments...
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    A Harvard professor, Rachel St. John, has just published a useful and comprehensive short history of the western U.S.-Mexico border (meaning from El Paso to San Diego.)   It is a tale that approaches geography as a multiform kind of space: social space, indigenous space,...
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I was duped. I once hired an illegal immigrant to be a reporter for the Chronicle. "I don't think I'm a criminal," Jose Antonio Vargas told me when we met last week, right before he announced his status to the world. "Don't make me seem guiltier than I am." Jose lied to me and...
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My grandfather was an illegal alien. Though he came to this country illegally in the hope of finding a better life than he could in his birth country, he married a legal resident, and eventually even received U.S. citizenship. Still, if the beliefs touted in my home state of Arizona today had been...
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