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  My Mom Dying, Breaking Down at Ikea, & NPRBy David Sterry on October 6, 2005 in Blog, Mini-memoir   http://www.davidhenrysterry.com/102/
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  “Form ever follows function,” the eminent architect Louis Sullivan said. Of course, there are splendid exceptions to the rule, architectural boo-boos such as the hole in Thomas Jefferson’s floor at Monticello. He designed a clock and hung it, only to find that the floor impeded the movement...
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  Ikea tulips, Woolworth's vase. A Postmedia news story making the rounds this Thanksgiving is asking the urgent question: Will Canadian decorating tastes go American, now that Pottery Barn has arrived in Canada? Who says the news media isn't doing some responsible reporting? I know...
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There are many theories as to why Scandinavian crime writers prosper in the bestseller lists. But I know why it is. Ikea.  I just bought a new set of Ikea shelves for my office. I’ll get into exactly how that has altered the configuration of my workspace, but at this point let me just note that it...