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As I said here yesterday, among my books I found a frail brown pamphlet call A Primer on Igbo Etiquette (the Igbo's are a people of Southeastern Nigeria) (Longmans, first published in 1949, various Nigerian authors). A slim 30 pages, written in a language for children, I didn't resist reading it,...
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"There is no story that is not true."   This is one of the many statements in Things Fall Apart that unfortunately is too true.  There's a piercing quality to this novel. More than fifty years after it was written, it retains a power and piquancy that penetrates in all directions. In...
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Prologue "Man is born free; and everywhere he is in chains." ~ Jean Jacques Rousseau "The desire to be as civil as possible is a deep motive for the contemplative life." ~M. Scott Peck In Geneva today, the human creative spirit is not in chains. One is invited to let one's...