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  I found this amusing, to say the least . . .       Former nude model and anti-vaccination advocate Jenny McCarthy will be joining The View as a co-host, ABC reported today. McCarthy has appeared some eight times as a guest co-host. The show’s on-air cast has been largely...
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Absent extraterrestrials accelerating our learning curve by letting us ride their alien coattails as Space-faring vagabonds, humanity’s future rests with colonizing the final frontier. The hazards of this gamble will be severe. We may even splinter into multiple subspecies as we adapt to conditions...
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Have you ever made pudding the old-fashioned way? I don't mean ancient here. I mean, still packet but with all that stirring.  When I was a kid, I used to beg beg beg my mom to make pudding. This meant, of course, someone had to be in charge of stirring stirring stirring that milk and pudding...