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Jerry Stahl W/ the Skinny on Fatty, Republican Sun Gods, & Happy Mutant Babies http://bit.ly/1dNSFNM
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You and I have a fundamentally different relationship to these words. I wrote them and you read them. In some ways, this is an unbridgeable gap.  But in some ways, there is no gap whatsoever.  Particularly, if you believe that reading is writing.
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http://www.blacksciencefictionsociety.com/profiles/blogs/wheres-the-real-science  Posted by Milton Davis on September 20, 2010 Okay, I'm calling y'all out. Though I enjoy this site (The Black Science Fiction Society) immensely, I've noticed a definite lack of 'science' science fiction. You know,...
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We went for dinner, well a light meal really.  I sat and watched as you ate; I wasn't really hungry, but you were.  We spoke as you ate and set the world to rights.  We had cake, paid and then left.  We walked and talked until we reached that central point.  I said no!  We stood among the tourists...
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have you ever thought of a day that belongs solely to you?a day you start with your wishes, with your feelings;a day with no restrictions, no fear of the future, no regrets from the past?have you ever lived such a day?i did.i know many a moments when i have laughed at myself and laughed at the...
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Perhaps this is just a bit strange. Perhaps you should be warned about my strangeness... This is my first public blog about me. I kept a blog on a local server to play around with the format a few years ago, but I've never put anything out into the world until now. I used to post a lot in a few...