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“I enjoy convalescence. It is the part that makes the illness worth while.” George Bernard Shaw   _______________________________________________________ 1997-1998Mel had decided at some point in this period she needed a hysterectomy.    So first she had the laparoscopy - an...
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I saw a hysterectomy performed  And I walked away unsettled I went out for coffee And couldn’t get my mind off it Until a little old woman came in To the shop I was in She wore a shall on her head And she was plump and tiny And I heard her speak to the apron “A cappuccino please” And sat down...
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 Well it seems like forever.  I have been itching and scratching to get back to typing on my keyboard. Being told that you are not in control was a powerful lesson that I am still trying to learn.  After coming out of a 5 hour procedure that was supposed to have taken 2 hours I was told that I was...
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I will be at Kaiser for my surgery tomorrow morning at 6a.m. I am looking forward to it.  It is the beginning of the rest of the best of my years. I am having a hysterectomy. I will be retiring at 55 and writing you know, this is a good thing.  Many of my diva sisters and some of my aunts and co-...
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When I was pregnant, I followed the pregnancy books carefully, charting not only the growth of my baby but of my uterus.  The uterus was like the best, most amazing organ on earth.  Watch it grow!  Watch it accommodate!  Watch it open its magic doors and emit (after much screaming and threatening...
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(Perhaps the following might be considered too much information.  However, it has been on my mind or, rather, in my uterus these past few weeks.  No gore, no gross details, but certainly words about the female reproductive cycle.) The week before my first period, I had cramps but I didn't know what...