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I recently read a blog with a firm stance on how to deal with body parts. I don't entirely agree. I don't have trouble with figures of speech, and if I'm reading that a character 'flew down the block to John's house' I don't see her mid-air. If someone writes "a lump of ice settled in her belly...
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Ford has done it! They have a all new Escape. They have re-invented the SUV. That's their advertisement's claim. The new Escape SUV has no wheels, no internal combustion engine, and doesn't use oil or gas. It's completely re-invented - oh, wait, no, it does have wheels, an IC and uses oil and gas....
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      Recently, London's Lord Mayor, Boris Johnson, was accused of 'inflammatory language' and criticised for hyperbole when he insisted that there would be “no Kosovo-style social cleansing” in the wake of cuts in housing benefit which would drive the less well-off out to the...
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If I hear one more person say he is going to give a hundred and ten percent, I think I’ll scream or vomit or do something equally repulsive. What does it mean, anyway? A hundred and ten percent of what? Once you go beyond one hundred percent, you get into a form of mathematics that I know nothing...