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Almost did it today.  Almost invited death at my wife's hands today.  Slip of the mind, a bobble of the tongue, a mismanaged comment...and I was almost about to be introduced to whatever happens once you stop breathing and your heart ceases beating. Think I overstate it?  Maybe. My...
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I left my husband Consciously, subconsciously, emotionally, financially... physically but most of all spiritually It takes some time and a hell of lot of "you" work to remove yourself from a way of thinking about your life and your marriage. It takes a lot of hurt and a lot of pain to untwist...
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My husband made his annual.....read more
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When I was a kid, I used to sneak into my parents’ room and steal whatever book was on the nightstand on my mom’s side of the bed. I tried Anaïs Nin, I tried The Bell Jar, I even tried The Happy Hooker and, alas, none of them could hold my attention. And then one day I found Erica Jong’s Fear of...
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Excerpt from the novel Buddha’s Wife. Yasodhara was Siddhartha’s wife before he became known as The Buddha. Pajapati was Siddhartha’s step-mother (Yasodhara’s mother-in-law) and the only mother Siddhartha ever knew. His birth mother died shortly after he was born (as did Yasodhara’s mother...
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Be careful for what you wish for.  When I started my blog, I had about five or so readers.  That has inched up and this month by blogging every day, I’ve seen my readership hold steady in the 150 range.  I wrote earlier that my husband seemed uninterested or unaware that I had a blog, even though I...
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This past weekend, I had reason to go to a large chain store that sells everything. I simply went in to pick up a prescription, it was only my third visit to this recently opened ode to conspicuous consumption. It was vast, and I got lost, badly lost. That was because the pharmacy department was...
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I'm wearing my most comfortable hat of all this evening - My comfortable hat!!  It's big and baggy and wonderfully cozy. It's like wearing sweat pants all over! I have to tell you why I put this hat on in the first place - My first royalty check came in the mail today...that IS NOT the comfortable...
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Yesterday, I found out that my husband likes fruitcake. How could he? I feel betrayed. He’s committed a sin of omission. We’ve been together for 10 Christmases, and he had never admitted to this until now. I have two theories for his liking that dense, gooey mass—a waste of sugar and flour that...
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Look at this amazing pot of choucrouteor sauerkraut, if you're German. My husband made it for dinner the other night. We had our friends François and Caroline, and the couple who ran the local charcuterie until they retired a year ago. My husband Haralds is a good cook, he first wooed me with a...