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At the end of October, I began posting stories on my Red Room blog.  Within a very short time, I noticed a lot of people were reading and leaving comments.  By "a lot," I mean thousands.  Even on the days I didn't write a word, people were still reading and commenting. At the end of...
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A few days ago, I received an e-mail from The Red Room management, a solicitation to offer opinions as to why there had been such an anemic response to The Red Room CEO Ivory Madison's offer to allow members to buy books for 40% off - - if we pay $45 for the privilege (the...
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"There are few things in life as rewarding as giving a homeless animal a second chance at life. Some have never had a proper home, many have never had a good home and some have lost their home because of their owner's life circumstances, often the death of the owner or the birth of a child who...
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Many thanks to Red Room Senior Editor, Huntington Sharp and Authors Assisting Authors Members', Norman Wilson and Cynthia Clampitt for offering their kind support despite my less than graceful start on Red Room.       In less time than than it takes to Google "So you Think you are Funny?...
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OK, I've got this to say: dogs are box office. I base this on Rin-Tin-Tin, Toto, the Eukanuba Dog Show and my Red Room blog. Especially my Red Room blog. Four or five weeks ago I changed my blog picture, dropping the image of two charming puppies in a painting staring over my shoulder. Instead,...
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So there I was in Oakland ready to give a poetry performance--but who did I know in Oakland?  Who would show up?  Well, my freshman English advisor and Tufts professor Martin Friedman, his wife, daughters and grandchildren showed up, and Joyce Jenkins and crew showed up from Poetry Flash.   And...
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Huntington - This is a public thank you for the new notification feature on our blogs.  While I love roaming all the blogs, it's nice to know when someone has commented on a blog and/or commented on a comment.  Thanks again.   
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Gentle Readers, I have exciting news for you. It is news I still can’t believe myself, news that every day still stuns me by its sheer existence. To explain it, let’s go back to November: After the lovely dinner at Michael Mina’s and the night at the St. Francis that I won in Red Room’s...
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Mr. Huntington Sharp has gotten his closeup from Mr. DeMille, and now he wants people to define ourselves through the alphabet. Okay Mr. Sharp, here I come. A for age: 35 (36 tomorrow) B is for beer of choice: I'm not a real beer drinker, to be honest. Mostly I drink beer on hot days, and that's...