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A brilliant, hilarious story. About the book: Outraged at the market economic policies adopted by their university, Professor Vinnie McVittie and his colleagues in the Podiatry department kidnap a senior academic, Dr. Malcolm Moon, in protest. Initially they have little hope of success,...
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Well, I finally did it. I uploaded a short story to Smashwords. I've been toying with the idea for a long time, but wasn't sure if I should take the plunge and put a story on there or not. I'd love to know how many authors in Red Room use Smashwords and if they've had success or if he experience is...
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Death Dance is my 17th novel and the 13th in my humorous Rafferty & Llewellyn crime series. Have also finished Deadly Reunion, which will come out in 2011.
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From being on the cliff, desperately wanting to jump off, to three years later, where I'm on the brink of having everything I've ever dreamed of, I have a great, inspirational story about LEARNING TO FLY. A few years ago, I was, going through an excruciatingly painful divorce.  Is there any other...
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Fun Friday - Books I wished I'd written and the dangers of voting After last weeks books I have a few more for you that I'd wished I'd written or at least come up with the titleI received an email from AbeBooks.com providing a link to their "Weird Book Room". http://www.abebooks.com/...
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I had an unexpected call from a stand-up comic today who would like some writing help in editing and honing his material. If we go ahead with it, this would be a first for me, and, as such, offers a creative challenge that I would enjoy, provided we find a comfortable mode of working together (and...
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Ignore for a moment the amount of solitude writers require, how we insist on the best room with the best light for our offices, how we ditch out on parties and trips to the in-laws for a chance to work on our novels, how we suddenly get an idea and get out of bed or refuse to go out even though we’...