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Ready to read some humorous stories?  How about satiric stories?  My new book Chapter One provides all that and more.  And it’s a free download!   It gives you a chance to sample eight of my fiction books. You can read the first chapter (or more) to see if the novel strikes...
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Walking back from the laundry room, it was near evening; I looked up into the sky, when I saw a black man in his thirties approach the duplex we live in. He was wearing a satchel that seemed to be bulging with books, a clipboard under his arm. "Hello" I said as I walked up behind him carrying my...
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It’s funny, really, that humans have been obsessed with aliens and alien intelligence for centuries, while ignoring the intelligence that is here, on this planet – the animal intelligence. If you think about it, humans misunderstand and misjudge animals as beings on a much lower level of...
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  Headhunter Poems: Ken Greenley   One man has painted a portrait of the world as he sees it through many different camera lenses you might say, through different pairs of eyes and within his own scope or perception of life as it sees it. Poems that relate the despair inflicted on...
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I was telling a retired engineer friend about another's loss of his animal friend.  The man who lost his animal is obese and restricted to his home.  His small dog was his companion and he loved the dog.  But the dog developed medical problems that required $500 to have them treated...
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A still-born baby would not be news. Unless the baby is a dead lamb with a human-like face. Evolution throws up such surprises. How we react to them also shows how we perceive our evolvement when confronted with other forms. Erhan Elibol, a vet, had to perform a caesarean on a sheep in a Turkish...
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"So many so-called saints are really schizophrenic — they cannot laugh. And if you cannot laugh, how can you weep? how can you cry? Both become impossible. When laughter and crying are impossible, your heart is completely dosed. You don’t have any emotions, you start living only in the head...
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It is a little story. A woman dies trying to save her kitten. There is no plot, just one scene. In a few minutes it is all over. Makes one think about how fragile life is. Tahesin Khan was 24. She loved cats. One of them strayed to the balcony of her fifth floor apartment and jumped to the...
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I have nothing against dolphins. In fact, I find them delightful. However, the scientific understanding of them as individuals raises a few questions. The Centre for Ethics and Business at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles has come up with a ten-point charter for “life, liberty and...
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  howl in Japanese is hoeru the origin must be the same make o shape howling   come down   stay there I’ll come up   be there or be square   the earless moon remains o