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When our countries are at war, it’s important for us to give equal opportunities to our peoples to fight for our countries, regardless of them being gay, straight, Black, White, men, women etc. We are dealing with hard times and we cannot afford to waste our time of being suspicious of others...
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The ability to speak; the right to speak; the skill of articulating what we care about; civil rights; human rights; discovery of new ideas; fresh ways of looking at a problem; solutions to problems; human contact; value for the lives of others; respect for ourselves; ability to curb violence;...
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In some countries, women are killed for not being virgins.  In a May 2005 paper entitled, "The Economic Advancement of Women in Jordan:  A Country Gender Assessment," the World Bank reported that 95% of the women killed in Jordan in 1997 for alleged violations of family honor were later...
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http://kyimaykaung.blogspot.com/   Fire in the Soul is edited by Dinyar Godrej and published by Amnesty International and The New Internationalist.   Two of the poems are from Burma.
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...everything would be just fine by now.  It's the one year anniversary of Del's passing.  She was one of the foremost activists in the lesbian feminist movement and she finally married (twice)  her partner, Phyllis Lyon, after 52 years, before conservatives stole our rights back.  Her book...
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Just want to say a quick but heartfelt, "Ramadan kareem!" to my Muslim readers.  For those who may not be familiar with this pillar of Islam, my blog of last year offers a brief explanation.  It's the first day of Ramadan in Jordan and, since the holy month commences in accordance with...
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One of my favorite magazines is The Economist.  In its July 23, 2009 issue, it published an interesting leader/editorial  and a special report on the Arab world entitled Waking from Its Sleep.  The latter is a follow up to a similar report published almost 20 years ago entitled When History Passes...
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http://space710atkefa.blogspot.com/ Look forward to seeing you at some of the related events -- a Burma update and a performance piece called "Words as Weapons of War" and the opening reception.  For detailed info see Kefa Cafe, Space 7-10 blogsite above.