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I walked out of of the moon-beam chamber, a free parking ticket in hand. What a bargain. They're just giving stuff away at the Clinic. Renee, the very pregnant radiation tech, smiled at me and said, “The tumor is pretty much gone.” The techs working The Big Machine get an advance look at how...
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  Words and Music by John Pluecker EXCERPTS: “Amy King is doing God’s work. Of course, I don’t mean God in a traditional Christian way; I mean God in the way that King speaks of God in her recent book, I Want to Make You Safe: …”   “The video gave me the feeling of what I imagined when...
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I find God in a babyWatching it is my hobbyIts cheeks are so chubbyI sing secretly a lullaby When it sleeps with peaceMy emotions get greaseIt will play with fairiesHaving totally no worries Inside its mind happens what?This is ever my serious thoughtAny dream has it during sleep got?What emotions...
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yesterday i tried to hug you with my words all clumsy and new and you didn't see little old me i'll try again today   when my hug catches you in its arms your breath and heart will be taken away because i love you
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I hugged a stranger today and I have to say that it felt great. But, before I go into details, I read in the Irish Times newspaper today that 300 million people use Facebook. Staggering. At least, I staggered upon reading this statistic because it crossed my mind that it is  no wonder I never see...