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As I wrote a few weeks ago, The Fiction Writer’s Handbook by writer and master teacher Shelly Lowenkopf will be published in November. As the publisher, I remain in awe of Lowenkopf’s approach to offering the tools and concepts that great fiction writers use. Yes, the step-by-step methods that some...
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As I mentioned in my piece “The Accidental Publisher,” I’ve started slowly publishing other people’s books at White Whisker Books. For now, I’ve started with colleagues who have been published and are finding the playing field of publishing has changed for them. Either their agents have left the...
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The U.S. government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics show that in 2010, there were 145,900 writers and authors in America, and that the median income was $55,420 per year, or almost $27 per hour. The bureau predicted that in the next decade 9,500 new writers and authors will be added to the list. Just...
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Transformation tales have their roots in ancient myths and have been preserved in our most sacred cultural texts. As a result, they are embedded in our collective psyches. There are numerous stories of transformations in Greek mythology. Ovid’s Metamorphosis is a collection of mythological stories...