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How I write a novel | How I write a novel

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I suspect every writer--or really, artists in every field--have a strong obsessive streak.  I certainly do, as Beloved Husband and Beloved Son--and Beloved Mother, come to that--would testify.  It's a most useful attribute in working through a novel-length work. The straightforward map...
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It's been some time since my last post, and there's a reason for that.  I don't think there's anything harder than the middle of a book.  I'm not quite to the middle, but I have reached the POS stage--"piece of shit," as the great Kay Kenyon has dubbed it.  This is the point at which...
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The writer’s retreat is a time-honored tradition, and every writer I know seeks out at least one every year.  A retreat can take all sorts of forms.  I take one all alone when I'm making a final pass through a book.  I'm fortunate to have friends with a space they don't mind me...
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I'm just about eighty pages in, if you're curious.  I started the book at the first of the year, so I've written about twenty percent of the novel in two months.  This is a good pace.  By summer I should have a first draft completed. At this point in my process, I'm heavily dependent...
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Now that I have fifty pages of the new book, it's the right time (for me) to stop and write a synopsis.  It's an act of discipline, but one I've learned not to avoid.  Having a synopsis--a plan for the book that gives an idea of the arc of the story--will save me time in the end.  It...
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I'm off and running--slowly.  This is still a very early stage, without a synopsis or a plan.  I've written about thirty pages,  inching forward, listening to the voices of my characters, setting them challenges, finding their strengths and their weaknesses.  A few minor...