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When I was a teenager, growing up in the 1960's, my mother gave me this advice: "When you get married make sure you comb your hair right away when you wake up in the morning, so you'll look nice for your husband." Good advice for anyone, male or female. But here's a good one I ran across while...
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Oh, how I dreaded spending my first day of summer vacation cleaning house. I did sleep in past my normal 6 am wake-up. I enjoyed two cups of coffee, sipped slowly while reading the paper and conversing with my husband.  I spent a half hour with a good book, before finally rousing myself to...
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     “Cleaning?  What’s cleaning?  Do I know this?  Show me.”  The puppy cocks her head and glares at me, daring me to attempt this new adventure.      “Cleaning is something people do to make their homes more healthy and attractive.  Free from all the piles of stuff in the corners and bits and...
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The Spice jars always seem to end up disorganized unless they are stored in a way that is easy to maintain. Your 10-Minute Tidy of the spice jars involves taking all the spices out from where you store them, evaluating what you have that you will actually use, and then deciding which system will...
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Chia's not all you think. Didn't know you could actually smoke that Homer head? (Yes, you can buy a chia plant that grows out of Homer's massive cranium.) But that ain't the smokable variety, actually, it's a cousin in the giant Salvia clan. Of a zillion species, the Salvia you usually eat is sage...