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Hosni Mubarak | Hosni Mubarak

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Crime fiction may not be the first thing on the minds of the protesters taking to the streets for democracy across the Arab world. But one of the offshoots of the downfall of Arab dictators is sure to be an explosion of thrillers and mysteries.Until now there has been almost no crime fiction...
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Yes, I'm about to commence my second "international" thriller and I would love to have a place for London in it. Talk about your history of spies (thanks, in part, to my favourite John le Carré), connections to NATO, and all round spiffy place. And I bet Louie-the-Dog would have a grand...
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The whole world holds its breath as we view through splayed fingers the unrest that is the Egyptian uprising. Or as Hosni Mubarak sees it: 10 or 20 rabble-rousing unemployed slacker agents of the West with too much time on their hands up to no good. That's the problem with entrenched...
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There is a face in Egypt -- on billboards in Cairo, on the side of a building in Alexandria, in the lobby of our hotel in Aswan -- that wants so badly to be the official face. It's a benign face, slightly smiling, even bland; a timeless face, wearing neatly combed hair and a jacket-and-tie...