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Color me flattered   I am pleased to the first featured adventure-travel writer in the new and improved Travel World International Magazine. The March issue is dedicated to adventure travel from “Hiking on the Edge” in China’s Tiger Leaping Gorge to “Following the Herd” in Tanzania. Editor, Donna M...
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Linda Ballou embraces life and the adventures it holds in her new book Lost Angel Walkabout-One Traveler's Tales. In this interview she explains why it was so important for her to take these journeys and why she wanted to get these reflections and impressions into the hearts and minds of readers....
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Lost Angel Walkabout by Linda Ballou is one of the most beautifully written travel books I have ever read. Linda tells her personal experiences of her many travels in different continents and environs. She is well-known as a top adventure travel writer, and her tales of her intrepid soul's search...
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Lost Angel Walkabout—One Traveler’s Tales has arrived! A spirited collection of travel narratives recounting the haps, mishaps, and serendipitous adventures that have given, travel-writer Linda Ballou, a sense of wonder and delight. Some of the stories like “Falling in the Footsteps of John Muir” ...
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I'M A REDNECK ...kinda...I live in the midest of rednecks and  cowboys for real...cattle and horses and goats and rabbits...I have two large SS earrings in my ear and a shaved head...but I can keep up with the reg cowboys.. been here a long time...I love to write stories in scifi fantasy and erotic...
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Linda Ballou is a seasoned travel writer.  Have you dreamed of taking a trip to Montana? How about horseback riding through Arizona? Want to shoot the rapids on the Salmon River in Idaho? She knows the best outfitters, guides, and ranches to help with your trip. Instead of me telling you all this,...