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This article contains links to the scariest horror stories of the year, thanks to the Bram Stoker Awards ( http://www.horror.org/blog/?p=3952 ). And, as a kindness on my part, I will supply a link to the scariest short story I ever encountered. ( http://gaslight.mtroyal.ca/owhistle.htm)...
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19 chilling tales of Horror and Suspense that sink their teeth into you and don't let go. Now at Synergebooks.com and Amazon Kindle.
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I was 10 the year my parents drove from Michigan to the Rocky Mountains for summer vacation.  The trip meant six weeks in the back of a truck camper: no TV, no radio. No parental supervision, since they rode in the cab of the truck. These were the days before handheld video games or home...
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The L.A.Weekly has a comedy issue out. The theme was Hollywood horror stories and I contributed one. If  you go to L.A.Weekly online, you can read  great ones by my friends Elayne Boosler and Laura Kightlinger. Here is mine: Lather Rinse Repeat. By Merrill Markoe In 1986 , when Ronald Reagan was ...
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Today on the second installment of my Spine Chillin' interviews, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Gordon Clemmons, editor of the new dark speculative ezine, Shadeworks. Clemmons talks about what makes a great horror story and shares with us the most common mistakes he often encounters in...