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It's that time of year when my paranormal thriller, Dark Knowledge, gets either published or unpublished. Sound strange? Yep, it is, but publishing is full of strangeness these days.  Dark Knowledge was first published as an e-book three years ago by a small press. A year later, the press...
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    Great news! Last night I learned Above Haldis Notch was nominated for Best Horror Novel published in 2011 over at the Preditors & Editors yearly Readers' Poll. I'm still uncertain how that happened, but WooHoo!  To vote for Above Haldis Notch, visit the link...
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Jake Webb, clearly the bad boy of Above Haldis Notch, had his own interview a couple days ago on my publisher's BLOG. Now it's my turn. I chose the high road and didn't threaten Jake in return for his "stuff my mouth" comment. I'm very happy to be Amaleen Ison's guest. She posts great...
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The bad guy from my recently released afterlife thriller, Above Haldis Notch, was interviewed over on Musa Publishing's BLOG. Jake appears to have been in a bad mood for the interview. I've actually never been threatened by my own character before. Since he wants to stuff my mouth with cow shit...
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  WooHoo! Release day is finally here, and it feels great to have a fresh novel on the market. It's been over two years since the original release of my second published novel, Dark Knowledge. But Now Above Haldis Notch joins the marketplace. And believe me, it lives up to the...
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Physical death is tragic, but the death of a spirit is an eternal loss. Working with Musa Publishing has been a great experience so far. The folks are polite, efficient, and talented, and the process is transparent. I love my cover. And I'm thrilled with my editor and the way Above Haldis Notch...
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Fellow Etopia author Julia Kavan interviewed me on her blog about my newly released paranormal horror novel Dark Knowledge, writing in general, and me. Read it HERE. It was my first interview in a while. How'd I do?  
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Today is release day for my paranormal, psychological horror novel Dark Knowledge. Yay! It's currently available at http://etopia-press.net in forms for all the various eReaders. It should be available online at Amazon, etc. soon. And the paperback version should be released later this year. I'm...
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When I wrote my horror novel The Slab, it was after years of visiting the real-life area of California's Imperial Valley where the novel takes place. During those trips to one of America's most bizarre, sun-blasted landscapes, strange things happened--strange things that eventually made me sit...
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I've been quietly working away on things lately, but I'm surprised it's been so long since I posted here.  Sheesh! Where does the time go? But I have some great news to share. As usual, I share things via my newsletter first. If you're not a subscriber and want to be, there's a little gold box...