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This past week, my inner voice drove me to abandon work and attend an afternoon lecture on “Free Will & Philosophy” given by a Philosophy Professor from a top University. As an aside, we all need to listen to those subtle instincts and energies that guide our paths. That’s a hard task for many...
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Despite frustration that much of short fiction suffers from too much control from MFA programs and graduates, there is value to having an MFA. It will improve your writing and chances of publishing. However, not everyone has the time or money (20 to 30 hours per week and $20,000 to $30,...
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Today was our first day of school.  We are two weeks and two days late if we're keeping pace with the nearest school district.  Which I usually try to do but couldn't this year, as the kids were vacationing at their grandparent's.  Yet, this is the beauty of homeschooling.  ...
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As I stood in line the other day watching a parent shell out money for school supplies, while her child’s thumbs glided over a cell phone faster than I could see, the thought occurred me: if my children where about to begin another school year, would I let them go, or keep them at home and teach...