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Have you ever walked out into a parking lot after a ball game and looked around the vastness and not been able to find your car? Or after shopping and walked the rows and been sure you left in somewhere and it was simply not there? I have. It was an absolutely horrible feeling. I had security...
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Adieu to July and good riddance. The wettest month on record in Ireland - ever! By the way, including a minor detail here but, in case you did not know,  July was named after Julius Caesar, so that could explain why all the rivers and lakes overflowed and dampened the spirit of the entire...
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Generally being hopped up on meth by the time I get home from work, I rarely go straight to bed unlike normal people that work a graveyard shift. Today was no exception.I got undressed and lay on my bed completely naked - staring at the orange stains on the ceiling paint from a leaky roof. I...
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Betsy was cheerful. Every time I drove by her in Chinle, Arizona, just outside of Canyon de Chelly, she waved and smiled and bobbed her matted blond hair at me. Every day I drove by her it was cold and windy and uninviting, and not very conducive to sitting down and talking; the campground where...
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"The only difference between a derelict and a man is a job." commented Godfrey. My Man Godfrey (1936) Directed by Gregory La Cava derelict  1. adj. abandoned, neglected, left to fall to ruin  2. n. a human wreck
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The economy slips, people we know are losing their jobs and their homes. Everything they have worked for is gone. Then we watch the news and see ordinary people in Oklahoma losing everything to a hurricane and wonder when does it end? Is someone sitting upstairs on a golden throne laughing? How...
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"Human existence, or one's manifestation of it, is the greatest riddle of all. Many people will pursue this curiosity through insurmountable tragedies to get to the unanswerable other side." Courage of Fear I spent many hours (as depicted by Angela in Courage, "minutes turned to...
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I began to do research for my next novel, Sorrowed Souls. I had to intigrate myself within the homeless community. I live in Los Angeles and we have a very large homeless population. I discovered a wonderful organization. the Missionaries of Charity Brothers. Their entire order is dedicated to...
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We all know someone who has lost their job recently. And you can just imagine how many of your fans and readers may now be out of work -- and out on the streets. Hey, if they can't buy food, how can they buy your books? Gemma Halliday came face-to-face with two of hers: a teen and her mother. In...
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The novel that spoke to the year 2007 and 2008 is Dickens's Bleak House. I agree with Edmund Wilson that Bleak House is a masterpiece; the novel is the greatest written by a Englishperson. Dickens in his novel was describing England in the 1840s as a Bleak House, a nation dominated by corruption as...