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A "teaser trailer" has been released for Zhang Yimou's upcoming film based on my novel "The Criminal Lu Yanshi" 陆犯焉识。 http://mod.cri.cn/eng/video/showbiz/2014/03/140320Homecoming.mp4 A short article about it appears here: http://www.china.org.cn/arts/2014-03/20/content_31851819.htm  
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My son comes home from college for the Easter break. I pick him up at the bus station. I think I'm listening to Miles Davis or I wish I was listening to Miles. Maybe it's a rehash. I can't quite tell. I can tell you it is chaotic at the bus station. The engineer should be sacked for building a...
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  October 3   SEAM ALLOWANCE     The space given and taken, the space used to bind us and sew us fast. The permission for humanness and the need for seams to make us whole.  The narrow margin, a shoulder on which I lean, the slender strip a place of refuge.   ...
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'All's grace', Ann Voskamp always says.  And she speaks of it again today.     And I felt this yesterday, so strongly, with the return of my oldest three after two long weeks.   During their absence I was deeply acquainted with longing yet, upon their arrival home, I...
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The rain brings the wild yellow iris out in abundance.I pick five tall stalks and when I get home  place them in a blue vase to adorn the sideboard. The dining room is suddenly graced with a fresh painting that I dare not pass without a pause to admire. But I am busy. There is much to be done....
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In two days I’m getting on a plane and flying from San Francisco to Washington D.C., the city where I grew up and where I have regularly returned from the time I was two until my mother’s death in July, 2001. Driving to the airport with my husband and little girls a few days after she died, I...
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(Editor's Note - The author originally submitted this blog post on June 15th, 2009.) Jeannie's back home, and we miss her and Cecelie already. Although they told us good-bye last night, I was sure I would be awakened when Jeannie and Cecelie departed this morning. I had been briefly awake when...
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After cleaning her huge art room so as not to be embarrassed when the school janitors go in, middle daughter Jeannie and her daughter Cecelie just arrived from the long drive down from Freeport. We have had our late but brief mother-daughter catch-up chat, and they have gone to bed. I hadn't turned...
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As a multicultural citizen of the world, you’ve probably left your hometown behind. You may miss it occasionally, but what do you miss? The way the hills and valleys came together, a river running through it? The scent of honeysuckle in summers, and the crickets that never stopped chirping? The...