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After our two daughters had left home my husband Tzvi and I decided to downsize-- to move from our  house in the suburbs to a smaller one in town. It was going to be a happy move, an opportunity to be centrally located while still having a house with a garden. In a green neighborhood  ...
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“I was born in the US, but I am originally from Israel,” is how my American-born daughter described herself in a second  grade personal narrative booklet.  The statement must have surprised her teacher, but I felt that it made sense. My two daughters were born in the Midwest during...
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Home- the place we feel safe, our final destination after a long journey, the dwelling we long for~ is not physical property, but the sacred space within our hearts, where we find solace and peace. © annettealaine-2013
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There’s a lot of talk about housing market stabilizing. Some homeowners, for instance, see the value of their houses rise simply due the decreasing availability in their specific area. Unfortunately, from a bigger-picture perspective, a look behind the curtain reveals that the recovery from the...
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Photo: Title page of the 1609 Sonnets, from its Wikipedia page.   Clinton Heylin's So Long As Men Can Breathe: The Untold Story of Shakespeare's Sonnets is a very quick and interesting read about Shakespeare's unauthorized (according to the author--and I agree with him) 1609 Sonnets.  He...
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  “Form ever follows function,” the eminent architect Louis Sullivan said. Of course, there are splendid exceptions to the rule, architectural boo-boos such as the hole in Thomas Jefferson’s floor at Monticello. He designed a clock and hung it, only to find that the floor impeded the movement...
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  I’ve lived in California for 25+ years and I love it.  I moved here to get as far away from the South as I could.  However I was born and bred in Alabama, and I still go back there now and then.  I recently took my son back to orientation to the small college he will be...
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Four Courts Dublin To many an Irish person looking at this image of the Four Courts, it is redolent of 'home', of Ireland's capital with the River Liffey flowing nearby.  And yet the Four Courts landmark is based on a classical Palladian blueprint of James Gandon, a London-born architect who...
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if you're searching for an answer, it's yes. if you haven't heard from me by now then you're probably wondering what kind of trouble i'm getting myself into. but the truth is that i'm fine. i finally found my place. it's quiet here and the music in the background is my favorite acoustic track. i'm...
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    I recently relocated to San Francisco. Three decades away from my hometown area, I keep chanting: “Don’t expect it to be the same as it was in the past.” San Francisco may be a tech-forward location but that's not why I've increasingly been turning to technology to help me...