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Hollywood Blacklist | Hollywood Blacklist

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The son of the founder of The Hollywood Reporter has apologized for decisions exacted by his dad at the beginning of the Cold War. In a story circulated by the trade publication, Willie Wilkerson expressed remorse on the the eve of the 65th anniversary of his father’s role...
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We think it was Hollywood film producer Sam Goldwyn (1879-1974), who said: "Pictures are for entertainment. Messages should be delivered by Western Union." One must never neglect technical issues when writing for a Silicon Valley audience, so before getting to the heart of this blogpost,...
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More and more the message that John McCain and Sarah Palin are trying to spread is a fear of Communism and Socialism in the leadership of Senator Obama.  Aside from the fact that we’re probably no more likely to get socialized medicine from Obama’s team than we were when everyone feared it out of...