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New year's makes us think of resolutions .... read more
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This was our last day in the Civic Center Holiday Inn.     We began to wind up our affairs here, and prepare for our move to the Granada Hotel.      Phone calls to the Red Cross and Elder Services about Son Guy's discoveries at the Granda were not successful.  And...
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We rose at 10 this morning in the Holiday Inn.   I tried to return to my banana breakfast regimen, settling down to  catching up with my Blog, but I soon realized the events of the last several weeks seem to have effected my short-term memory.  Afer an hour or so, I decided to bridge...
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After a stay in the Mission Inn (leaving about a hundred dollars in inflated deposits), we turned back north to the rather luxurious  Civic Center Holiday Inn in San Francisco's Downtown. [The highlights of Mission Inn sojourn were a tiny celebration of Bastille Day on July 14, and a...
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Four poems from my San Francisco Arts Commissioned work, feti(sh)ame, are out today in PANK. This issue features queer writers. I'm happy to see more of these poems out in the world. jubilat is soon to come out with its next issue which will include "Uncut," another poem from feti(sh)ame.