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I can’t live without the country, getting out of the city, driving alone for hours on roads with few cars, tall gumtrees, sweeping paddocks, rolling hills, sheep, cattle, rivers and green, kangaroos, emus and rabbits that run in front of my car—birds that swoop, narrowly escaping with their lives....
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Oglesby’s writings give the characters that freedom in a literary novel about human vampires procreating with a vengeance and their antagonistic villains of society, which are no better than the protagonist that switches places throughout the novel.
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JUST A FOUR LETTER WORD  Just a four letter word with powerful meaning   Something to hang onto when there is no rope left   Nothing tangible, nothing you can touch   Yet we cling to it, some for dear life   REALLY!   HOPE, the little four letter word   It has kept many holding on to it,   When...