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February 23       COMING TO THE TABLE   For many years, decades even, I stacked the table against myself and others.  I piled the sacred next to trifles; I deposited item after item and built towers to confusion.  After years of sobriety, I sorted the piles in earnest...
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My dear father loves garage sales and the Goodwill store. It is his sport and his avocation to find bargains and keep them or give them away. This year's Christmas gifts for the family were carefully selected for all of us from his prodigious collection of things scarfed up over the past year....
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  The current saying that “less is more” has been ringing true for me lately in more ways than one.  A recent move with sparse belongings has given me a new appreciation for living little rather than living large.  Less stuff to fret about, clean, or take care of, which leaves me...
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Not until I turned forty did I start thinking about my senior years and the person I’d become. Actually, there was one time before, when I took a theater makeup course in college. For our midterm exam we had to transform our face into the eighty-year-old version of ourselves. That was sobering....
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My father's caregiver Leo is a former Belarussian soldier who went to Afghanistan with the Soviet Army. Leo has a pleasant nature and a tough exterior. He has seen things that most of us will never see.  My father Stewart is a Navy veteran who shipped over to Japan after the fighting was over...
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At my writing desk, I watch multi-colored leaves flutter into the wooded area behind our cottage. And Black Squirrels are frantically collecting & hoarding walnuts from our trees. It's for a good reason. Fall is sneaking upon us and winter will soon be here. It's amazing that some people...
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Photo by Mike Smith/At Home Gallery He almost went into the freebie pile. He stands 7 1/2 inches tall. I should say he measures that tall because he can't stand on his own. His clothes are moth-eaten. His feet look too wide and big for his short legs. Yet there was something about him...
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Confession #131: I'm an Office Hoarder I'm an organizational freak. Wait, that's not the confession.  Well, at least not Confession #131. Over the years I've been asked by dozens of people to help them pare down and organize their offices, I've just never done it for my own. This weekend I...
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My Salon essay, "I'm a sex writer with a secret shame - hoarding" was just published
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Even though yesterday included taking down the Christmas tree, spilling all the water on the wood floor, and then eating a bowl of tortilla chips (dinner) and watching an episode of Hoarders (yes, really), I wanted to leave this year with appreciation.  I appreciate that I have a bowl of chips and...