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HM Queen Elizabeth II | HM Queen Elizabeth II

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  Regular visitors to this blog will know that I'm a monarchist...and for deeply philosophical reasons. They'll also know how cruelly my hopes are dashed in respect of the Poet Laureateship, but I offer this poem as a small contribution to Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee festivities in...
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Queen Elizabeth is on a roll these days. She is getting around. The family is in fine fettle. Two marriages in the offing. Another stunning film about the royal life. High on many a poll as both 'respected' and 'admired'. She is even at the head of some trendy fashion lists. All well-earned. HM is...
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The following news report tells that HM The Queen, plus some few other Royals, will not be subject to certain 'access to information laws' of the British government. Good on her, say I. As if HM is not scrutinized enough.  I have immense respect for the Queen and her diligent (one might say,...