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Today is the official “Rock the Red Pump® Campaign” Day, a day when bloggers around the country wear red pumps and blog about women and HIV/AIDS to raise awareness of this crisis. Launched by the Office of Women’s Health, NWGHAAD is a nationwide observance that encourages...
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The year is 1990. I’m standing on the Amtrak station platform in Lafayette, Louisiana. We’ll be here for ten minutes and then roll on to New Orleans. I sniff the air and wonder which direction the cemetery is in. How far is it from the station? I was in Lafayette once before, around 1980. That time...
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HIV/AIDS, My "Virus Novel" and Oldstone's Virus, Plagues & History Photo #1: AIDS Research, photo by Karen Kasmanski, from nationalgeographic.com: A scientist in Franceville, Gabon, removes hair and blood samples from a cooperative chimpanzee. Researchers believe that an evolving AIDS...
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  Interview with a Vampire with HIV Reporter: So I'm going to ask you right from the gitgo. How is it possible for you to be HIV positive? Vampire: I contracted it from donor. Reporter: A donor? What’d you do rob a blood bank? Vampire: No my sustenance has to be fresh, young lady. Reporter: So...
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I was so overwhelmed by the response to my 'It's inside you now' post about my stint in an HIV vaccine trial, that I was inspired to promote this different line of attack. Microbicides are one of the most promising areas for HIV research. Vaccines have been futile so far, and we'll never get...
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She slid the needle out of my forearm and pressed a cotton ball in firmly. A tiny red bubble leaked out before she reached it. The cotton slurped it up. "It's inside you now," she said. I shuddered. I had not expected a remark like that, or the fleeting panic it set off. I had just...
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At expat+HAREM we like to think of crossroads as places of opportunity. But if you're female in the emerging world, puberty is the crux of a lifetime. A time and a place where you can change your fortune. Your family's health. Your community's future. Or, as you cross from childhood to womanhood...
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Four poems from my San Francisco Arts Commissioned work, feti(sh)ame, are out today in PANK. This issue features queer writers. I'm happy to see more of these poems out in the world. jubilat is soon to come out with its next issue which will include "Uncut," another poem from feti(sh)ame.
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“…the situation we have in America right now, where any neurotic woman can make any stupid charge and destroy a man's reputation. If there is evidence of false accusation, the accuser should be expelled.” Camille Paglia, Playboy interview, May 1995. Who is Dr. Sally Blower? Why is Head of the...
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This Daily Nation article estimates that half of Kenyan women with HIV were abused in 2009, based on a recent self-reporting study. The study finds that rape and sexual exploitation are prevalent in Nyanza, Coast, Western, and Nairobi, the provinces in which researchers carried out the study. As...