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Hello: I'd like to tell you about my exciting new novel... THE HITMAN'S WOMAN is an electrifying suspenseful mix of lust, lies, wealth, infidelity, betrayal, deception, revenge, and murder. Available in print online and in bookstores and libraries nationwide. Also in eBook in Kindle, Nook, and...
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The Raven Affair and Crossroads are presently available for purchase Online and at bookstores by order. These two books are also avilable for order from the author's website, http://snedelton.com.  Steven Nedelton's website provides detailed information about the two novels, including excerpts,...
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You’d think there was something wrong with spying. People pay good money to watch Daniel Craig dispose of villains in the bloodiest fashion. They nod in approval when M pushes 007’s perfect false passport across the desk. Yet everyone’s peeved about what in all likelihood is a Mossad hit against a...