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A book and a Chat with "Pat McDermott" On tonight's "BOOK AND A CHAT" I had a really fun and enjoyable radio program chatting to Pat McDermott author of the historical/time travel book "A Band of Roses" A Band of Roses is an alternate history adventure set in modern...
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I'm giving away a paperback copy of the second Belinda Lawrence amateur sleuth mystery novel, THE EMBROIDERED CORPSEPlus, an eBook copy of her third mystery, BLOODY HAM.Go to Belinda's website, let her tell you of her adventures, and then sign the Guest Book.http://belindalawrence.webs.com/ Be sure...
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On a recent trip to Missouri, ten minutes from my  old hometown, we stopped in the small city of Mansfield to tour the home of Laura Ingalls Wilder. What I’d forgotten were how beautiful swaths of summer wildflowers were along roadsides this time of year: Queen Anne’s lace, soft, swaying, elegant...
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  As I started my writing day on the Cannara onion farm, pondering the type of communications which might occur in 13th Century Europe, I went to Google.There, in a learned tome, I found that there were two types of post/mail communications in this era. In two hundred years or so they would be...
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Video and details of Book Two in the Belinda Lawrence mystery series. http://www.blazingtrailers.com/show.php?title=508
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At the historic King Edward Hotel in Toronto this morning, I told the more than 200 guests at the Ben McNally/ Toronto Globe & Mail literary brunch that two things impressed me most about Canadians: 1.) their sweaters (they laughed, but I meant it); and 2.) that Canadians never seem stressed...
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Last night I spoke at The Regency Whist Club, an elegant and historic place.  A four-story brownstone at 15 East 67th Street, immaculately kept, and more than a century old, the Regency dates as a club to 1936, the Age of Culbertson.  As members ate dinner, I spoke for about 30 minutes, telling the...
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Rugby's spring festival was in mid-May. We thought of going, but didn't, because there were too many other places to go in May. Going to Rugby would have been especially appropriate for us, since I've been researching Rugby for the past six weeks, the historic houses at Rugby inspired us to buy our...
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“Bristol: ethnic minorities and the city. 1000-2001”. Written by Madge Dresser with Peter Fleming, this book covers a thousand and one years of the history of ethnic minorities in the port city of Bristol, UK. Madge is a Reader in History at the University of the West of England and a Fellow of...
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May 25   TROJAN PERSON     I feel confused by the difference between love and war.  The intensity and rush are too much for my frazzled and betrayed emotions to sort out.  I feel like a Trojan person.  I have all these children holed up inside and they are waiting for peace and safety so they can...