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  Today I garnered my first review of The Man Clothed in Linen in cyberspace from the blogspot A Bookish Affair (http://abookishaffair.blogspot.com/). Needless to say, the first and last sentences pleased me:  "This is a really great read.... Even if you are not Christian or even not...
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January 2012 - Literary Underground: Book of the Month Selection: The Briton and the Dane http://litunderground.com/BookoftheMonth.html
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  Fiction, Sanity, and a review of Jeff Blackmer's Draegnstoen (The House of Windward Leaves , my middle grade fantasy about identity, is free on Smashwords until January 26 with coupon PB55U )   Dealing with the possibility of death at Christmastime, I was drawn into reading one...
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 Old fashioned courtesy can go a long way. And so, too, can snail mail. When I requested Ursula Le Guin to endorse my novel I used both. Last year my first novel, The Wedding Shroud, was published in Australia (and has now been released as an e-book world wide). The book is set in C5th...
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Dear Reader, For the new year, I'm offering five advance reading copies of "Four Sisters, All Queens," my forthcoming historical novel about four sisters in 13th-century Provence who all became queens. To enter, simply go to my website and sign up for my email newsletter. (I only write one a...
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  Blog, blog, blog! Lots of writers are blogging their fingers to the bone, and for what? In hopes of stimulating sales of their books, that’s what. But — is there a better way to hook readers into your work? Read my post on HuffPo Books and find out! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/red-room/...
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Tooting my own horn? Talking about that tingling feeling of satisfaction when my work is recognized and applauded for a job well done? These are almost taboos, which I am breaking here.... I am pleased to share with my fellow Red Room authors and readers that my novel JERUSALEM MAIDEN, (...
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I am, as they say back in the UK, chuffed as hell that Mystery Scene magazine gives my new novel an absolutely terrific review. Reviewer Sue Emmons says MOZART'S LAST ARIA deserves "a resounding bravo." Sue also calls it "beautifully written and diligently researched. Rees makes the musical realm...
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Thursday, December 1, 2011Holiday traditions: Food, family & fun I'm so excited to welcome today a dear friend who mixes two of my favorite things: writing and food. Today she has thrown in a  few other favorites of mine for good measure -- history and some old traditions of the...
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On the Wall Street Journal's Speakeasy arts blog, I've written a piece about why artistic attention is finally being paid to Nannerl Mozart, sister of the great composer and an important musical figure who was denied "greatness" because of her sex. I'm referring to the new French movie "Mozart's...