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I love a good conversation among friends and that’s how #MyWritingProcess blog tour is shaping up.  Many thanks to Nathan Burgoine for his candid and insightful entry, for tagging me, and for being a kind, gracious, witty and talented friend.  Did I mention talented? Very talented! What...
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Few people are aware that Europe suffered through a Little Ice Age during the Middle Ages, a time of unprecedented cold which I was drawn to include in my new book, A Slender Tether, because of its current relevance: the inexplicable weather, severe storms, and global warming that are in the news...
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That pleasing assesment of The Book of War comes from a recent review. "Eventually, we realise we are in the Cape Colony during the relentless 100-year Xhosa wars, but Whyle’s nomenclature is archaic and foreign. Its estrangement makes his story universal. The reduction of context, a peeling away...
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  When I blog, I blog about life in a trailer park; "elephants in the room" kinda stuff, social and political issues, the ones that are (hopefully) laughable.  I write about every day people doing every day things, and although I'm not a star blogger, I have a small, dedicated readership...