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I worked in a library for two years. In those days the expensive/historic books and documents were kept in locked rooms, with a degree of rigmarole needed to see them. Now they are kept in closed stacks up in Archives. Still, if it actually is the librarian who is pilfering and selling (apparently...
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Hopefully folks in Mount Dora and Central Florida can stop by and see me! I love hearing from readers! I will be signing my latest release, Book III of The Empyrical Tales: The Secret Queen, and I will have a few surprises. First stop, Barrel of Books and Games in downtown Mount Dora. Today (...
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600 Year Old Book Found In Sandy, Utah Appraiser Ken Sanders says it's the find of his career: a copy of "The Nuremberg Chronicle," published as a companion to The Gutenberg Bible, in 1494. It is one of the world's oldest printed books. It would have been old even by Shakespeare's time...
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I have three favorite cities and can't figure out which one I love the most.  London, England, Sedona, AZ and Petersburg, NE (population 380).  I live only 20 minutes south of Sedona which was voted most beautiful city in the US.  It is famed for it's beautiful red cliffs, deep canyons, countless...
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It is currently more than a week past one of the most historic times in human history. Very few people in civilizations past or yet to come have had or will have the opportunity to say history lives within their presence! But we can say that. We can say that we are a part of this most...