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Who Are You? When asked this, how would you respond? I think I will have to respond like this: “When I left America for Europe on my first trip around the world, I left as a Baptist Christian. When, in Europe, however, I realized I was really more than just a Baptist Christian, I was a Catholic...
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by J.R. Wagner   Click on cover to visit illustrator's blog -very cool!       This is Not a review! Well...if you twist your head slightly while reading this post you may think it is a review...but it's not!   And for the record, I finished this book well before the...
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Well, it seems to me, that it does not necessarily mean that you’ve recited something known as a “Sinner’s Prayer” and so are Christian. To be sure, it is possible that this is how your spiritual journey with Christ began. But do not mistake the recitation of words with the resolve of life. To be...
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Mother turns ninety today. We are in the midst of a celebration with lots of gifts, flowers, cake and music. It's quite enough for her. Lucky for us (the multi-culti branch of the family) because a traditional Hindu birthday celebration certainly would have tired her out. The night before the big...
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Mohandas Gandhi said, "I consider myself a Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, and Confucian." I grew up in a very conservative Christian environment. But, if you regularly read my articles, you know I have moved beyond many of those early beliefs, most of which can work as long as...
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When I was a child growing up in central Kentucky, most of my neighbors were Christian. If they did not attend the Baptist church where my father was the senior minister, they most likely attended one of the other Christian churches occupying the four corners of our downtown. For the most part,...
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I woke up to this lovely gift today: http://marinagraphy.com/book-reviewshivas-arms-cheryl-snell/ Thanks, Marina!
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Just another quick note, this time to say my debut novel, "From Where the Rivers Come," is now available on Kindle, and a new edition is available via Amazon...
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Sometimes I write a poem about Hindu culture for my Brahmin husband. It feeds his vague nostalgia for festivals like this weekend's Ganesh Chaturthi. Members of a Hindu household worship a clay murti of the mathematician god Shri Ganesha, and then submerge it at an immersion site. Neighborhoods...
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Tribal and Christian are already two big social classes separate to each other. Jharkhand High Court (HC) should not call Tribal-Christian to any people in official term since; it’s not giving any benefit to them for their past life being a Tribal. By saying Tribal-Christian HC is itself creating...