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I'm a sucker for good drama. No, not the daily drama of middle school and teens, but a well crafted movie or tv drama. When I was living on my own for the first time, I got pretty lonely on Saturday nights (during one of those dating dry spells.) On night, bored with reading and listening to my...
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Twenty-five years after Hill Street Blues led to "TV's second golden age" (Steven Stark: Glue to the Set), a new incarnation of primetime soaps were introduced in the fall of 2006. In addition to Brothers and Sisters, ABC had Ugly Betty; NBC, the critics' darling, Friday Night Lights; all...
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I don't know why 1981 proved to be such a pivotal year for television. But the premiere of Hill Street Blues in January 1981 and the wedding of Luke and Laura on General Hospital that November marked the beginning of a profound shift for television programming, day and night. For primetime, the...