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The little hill obscured by vegetation at the center of this photo is a kame. The small conical hills dot the landscape of northern Kettle Moraine. They are the result of melting glaciers. As the Ice Age receded, holes formed in the surface of the glaciers and sediment was carried down through the...
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When I talked to Bart Smith this autumn, it wasn’t all that long after he had finished a hike that took him at least 15,000 miles around the U.S., including around 1,200 in Wisconsin. Bart is a photographer who has walked all eight of the National Park Service’s national scenic trails. That...
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Two days spent under the shadows of clouds in angry hues of purple and mint, those troublesome colors that spell "tornado warning" at dawn when even royal palms bend under the weight of wind and water. I didn't let them spoil my weekend, as I was on a mission to experience, collect, and...